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Seasonal Detoxes

  • Weight Loss

  • Stress

  • Inflammation

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Disease Management

  • Better Sleep

About Us

Your overall health is what matters, a goal I strive to achieve each and every day. Be it individual coaching or group sessions, pick what helps you best.

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Dynamic and Flexible Health Coaching

Health Coaching With Rania Chami is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Pick and choose what motivates you each day, feel different, live life to the fullest.

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Nutrition coaching is one aspect of Health Coaching which aims to get you the best results for your unique body through information and education. Transform your life by changing your eating and lifestyle habits.

Seasonal Detox's

Access my Seasonal Detox’s and give your body a break by eating clean whole foods for 5 Days! They are full of delicious whole food recipes, inspired by the season, for you and your family.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Whether you choose One on One or Group Coaching, having a coach by your side every step of the way is priceless! A Coach will help you set goals and make sure you are held accountable so you can achieve them.


With so much information out there on “what not to eat,” Rania really puts the information you need into perspective! She is extremely knowledgeable and on a constant desire to educate herself. She is friendly which makes it very easy to confide in her with all of your “tummy troubles.” Rania listens to your goals and creates a nutrition plan around your likes and dislikes. She helped me understand how to eat the right foods for my particular lifestyle. Rania’s ongoing support and positivity clearly shows through every meeting and email. I highly recommend Rania, to help you reach your health goals!

J.G., Los Angeles


Rania is an amazing health coach. She has a lot of knowledge when it comes to diet and nutrition. The information she provides is not overwhelming but definitely enough to make small life changes where I’m able to feel and see the impact. Not only is she knowledgable but she’s very accommodating and truly cares about her clients. I would recommend Rania to anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle!

R.V., Los Angeles


Rania has such an amazing sense of compassion. When I needed words of encouragement, someone to listen without judgement, or even simply sharing what is new and good, she’s given me the tools to focus on small positive steps and work towards a new balance in my life! Rania has so many strengths as a coach, I could not think of anything she could change, be yourself as you are, you are wonderful!

Michelle Savage, Los Angeles


I have been working with coach Rania for the last eight weeks. During this time, Rania has helped me change my entire lifestyle. Through her support and resources, I learned how important it is to give my body proper nutrition. I started sleeping much better at night. I also had more energy throughout the day.

K.M., Los Angeles


From the moment you meet Rania, you sense her sincerity and warmth. She’s respectful, professional and genuinely cares about her patients. She’s very knowledgeable and resourceful. Depending on what your goals are she gears the sessions towards helping you accomplish them. I lost 15 Lbs., healthy & feel better than ever!

N.A., Los Angeles
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