Meal planning is one of the beneficial things we can do to aid in our weight loss efforts!
After an initial discussion with you regarding you and your family’s food preferences, we’ll devise a meal plan and shopping list that includes food items to help you create healthy meals every week and help you set up sustainable habits that last! Your meals will be based upon quick and easy, whole-food recipes perfect for new cooks or busy families.

Watch my meal prep videos here!


When was the last time you cleaned out your pantry? I mean, REALLY cleaned it out?

A pantry is one of those spaces that can feel way too time-consuming to contemplate. A clean, tidy pantry will make it easier to grab more nutritious snacks and make healthier meals by identifying and accessing what you have quickly and easily.
I will help you by organizing your pantry to discover which items are not serving your goals and gradually replacing them with a list of healthy alternatives.
I’ll help you with store suggestions to help you shop for healthy foods with better quality ingredients for you and your family


Shopping in the supermarket or grocery store can be overwhelming with the immense choice and delicious temptations!
Together, we will tour your local supermarket to open up an exciting, new world of possibilities. You will learn how to read and decipher food labels and see-through marketing ploys to select healthier versions of all your favorite foods. You will discover whole, nutritious foods and how to avoid processed food aisles with tips and tricks I implement every day