(On-Site and Virtual)

Now more than ever, employees need support! Today’s high-stress contemporary corporate workplace includes an increase in people working from home and feeling socially isolated, which has massive impacts on their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Employees are a company’s greatest asset, and helping them to improve and maintain their overall health and wellness is vital to ensure a more engaged and effective workplace that produces more substantial results.

A happier, healthier, more balanced employee is more productive, has better focus, and offers enhanced creativity that is invaluable in a competitive market.

The benefits of offering corporate employee health & wellness programs in the workplace are:

According to the Harvard Business Review, research showed that for every dollar invested in employee wellness programs company’s could yield as much as $6 in health care savings right off the bottom line.


As a Corporate Wellness Expert, I will partner collaboratively with your HR team to bring my Nutrition and Wellness knowledge to you and your employees.

My Wellness Programs include:


The Corporate Wellness Workshops educate employees on improving eating habits, reducing stress, and increasing daily healthy lifestyle practices such as exercise and meal preparation, and cooking. These workshops can be in person or via webinar to suit your schedule:

Some of the topics we will discuss are:

Workshops are customized for individual workplaces and employee’s needs. Employees receive handouts with information and healthy recipes that they can implement at home.