Are you having trouble keeping up with the hormonal changes in your body? Does stress/emotional eating influence your food choices? Can’t figure out what you are doing wrong? Or what to eat? Are you avoiding making time for your health? 

You can choose to do one-on-one sessions virtually or in person. I will guide you through diet and lifestyle adjustments that allow you to live your best life, achieve your goals, and regain your health.
Coaching can help you: 

During our one-on-one sessions, we’ll focus on nutritional support and look at ways to support your hormones so that you have the energy and the ability to lose weight easier. When coaching, I create personalized nutrition and wellness programs to help support you on your weight loss journey.

We will work together, taking a holistic approach, focusing on many different areas of your life, so you feel supported on every level.

I know that long-lasting weight loss comes by making healthy shifts to our nutrition, finding ways to reduce stress, adding in daily movement, and being in nurturing, harmonious relationships with our families, friendships, and career.